We develop the connections you need to increase your business


Not down with theSocial Media lingo?!

- We are, here's what we do:


We create viral content and make sure your product is spread throughout as many social media channels as you need.


We like to chat so, we launch conversations with interested people about your product and help build your community by showcasing your brand and getting your #HashTag name out there.


We announce news, contests, events and your accomplishments which gains your desired audiences attention!


We listen and learn all your stories and shout them out to the world!

(In the nicest way possible!)


We will market your business for you by WOM and by attending special events.


We will put your business at the front of the queue so you can be sure the visitor gets your golden ticket first!


The most effective form of marketing - BROCHURES


BUT WAIT! - Our brochures are different, they're pintsized and can fit in the palm of your hand (or your wallet) and they showcase all the main highlights of your business.


We distribute these brochures FOR YOU to select locations throughout New Zealand.


Do you like the look of our site?


We have on average, no less than 1000 visitors per week, clicking through our posts and links and engaging with us.

If you're looking to increase your presence even more we can assist in driving more Bookings to your door by advertising your activity and  attractions on this website.




We have over 15years of knowledge and experience working within the
Tourism Industry

Our regular interaction with Facebook followers has allowed us to  maintain a current following of  3,861 people who engage with our page & posts

Our images & posts are eye-catching & engage visitors!

Through this effective mode of marketing we have gained a following of 33,500 active users who love hearing about our clients businesses & what
New Zealand has to offer!

*Figures current as at 01/02/2020

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